Nicole Scherzinger exclusive: 'I need to find a husband and then I'll have kids'

The former Pussycat Doll has revealed she has set her sights on walking up the aisle before becoming a mother.

In an exclusive chat with Yahoo! Celeb the 38-year-old X-Factor judged admitted she is a bit of a traditionalist and would prefer to enter motherhood with a ring on her finger.

She said: ‘My faith comes first, I mean I need to find a husband and then I‘ll have some kids, so it’s everything in its own divine time.

‘Yes I have been focused on my career and no I haven’t been like ‘this year I’m going to find a husband and have kids. ‘

Nicole Scherzinger wants a man to put a ring on it before she has kids

Adding: ‘That will happen when it’s supposed to happen and I can’t wait for it to happen, the day when I’m married, have kids and running a family while still doing my career.’

The former Pussycat Doll is currently dating 25-year-old tennis ace Grigor Dimitrov and says age is just a number and has never be an issue in her relationships.

‘I’m 38-years-old and I feel like I’m 25, it really is more about where you are in your life. Now I’ve finally grown up, I’m at an age where I need to take a step back and really set life goals and really set timelines for myself,’ she said.

Nicole added: Because one day you wake up and you’re like ‘wow seven years just went by just like that.’

Nicole has partnered up with Müller for their Müller Simply Bliss Campaign

The singer dated Formula One Champion Lewis Hamilton on and off for seven years before they called it quits at the end of 2014.

Nicole alluded to having ‘a very hard time letting go’ of their relationship and said she refuses ‘to bail on anything’.

‘My greatest weakness is love and I’m a sucker and fool for love.’

The Poison hitmaker is back in the judging hot seat for this season’s The X-Factor and has placed safe bets on her final three acts Freddy Parker, Matt Terry and Ryan Lawrie.

Nicole, like the rest of us, was left scratching her head when Yahoo! Celeb told her that Sharon Osbourne had put through Honey G, who is being dubbed hip hop’s Ali-G, to the live shows.

Is Honey G going to be our UK X Factor champion of 2016?

She said: ‘Mrs O put her through? some things are political, the X-Factor isn’t just a vocal competition it’s an entertainment show and we have to have fun and be entertaining at the same time so some people like Honey are there for the fun factor.

‘They bring their own X-Factor to it.’ – Hmmm we’re still on the fence about that one.

Like any successful woman, Nicole has a bucket list full of ambitions she would like to achieve in the future bizarrely including her own ‘coconut oil range’.

‘There’s so many things I want to do! I want to do hair, makeup, beauty, skin and have my own coconut oil. I want to do movies, another album and a world tour,’ she said.

She added: ‘I just did my first lead in a movie musical so there’s so many things I want to do.’

Could Nicole Scherzinger be anymore schmazing!

Nicole is back in the hot seat for this year’s The X-Factor

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