Nigel Farage claims credit for Boris Johnson's election victory

Will Taylor
News Reporter
Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage during a press conference at the Emmanuel Centre in London, while on the General Election campaign trail. (PA Images)

Nigel Farage has praised the Brexit Party for handing over what looks set to be an impressive victory to the Conservatives in the general election.

The party leader said his newly-formed movement was responsible for taking thousands of Labour votes and allowing seats to flip to the Tories - though he did not offer proof of his claims.

His party is not projected to win a single seat but Boris Johnson is on course to win a big majority.

Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Neil, Mr Farage said the Brexit Party was responsible for getting Brexit out of “the weeds” and had used its influence to prevent a second referendum on EU membership taking place.

“What you are going to see tonight are dozens of seats that the Conservatives were either going to win or come very close where they wouldn’t have got close to it if we weren’t there taking thousands of votes.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is on course for a big majority. (PA Images)

He said those Labour voters would never have backed the Conservatives and said he himself spoiled his ballot paper as he was unable to vote Tory.

He claimed he has “killed the Liberal Democrats” and “hurt the Labour party”.

The Brexit Party is the only party not projected to win a single seat in the election.

Mr Johnson is expected to win a comfortable majority tonight, which should allow him to implement his Brexit deal.

He has also made a number of pledges in the party’s manifesto though the scale of their promises has been called into question.

Results are showing a number of Labour-held seats have swung to the Tories.

Counts in hundreds of seats are ongoing.