Nigel Farage drenched in milkshake during general election campaign launch

Right wing Brexiteer Nigel Farage was soaked with milkshake by a woman as he campaigned in the Essex seat he wants to seize from the Tories.

Farage was drenched with the banana-flavoured drink as he walked out of a Wetherspoons pub in Clacton.

Moments earlier the newly-appointed leader of the Reform party had launched his campaign to become an MP for the seaside town.

His decision yesterday to stand was a blow for the Tories who fear a Farage-led Reform will win millions of votes.

But the launch was overshadowed by a young woman in a grey jumper who confronted the pro-Trump politician.

It had echoes of an incident in Newcastle in 2019 when a milkshake was hurled at him.

Farage held on to his face after the incident, after which he was escorted toward a bus.

Addressing a rally at Clacton Pier, Farage hit out at the Tories over the handling of Brexit: “We made an offer to the British people, we could get back our independence and control of our borders.

“But what has happened? The Conservatives have betrayed that trust. They’ve opened up the borders to mass immigration like we’ve never seen before.

“And they deserve to pay a price for that, a big price for that.”

Farage said the General Election was already effectively over: “That breach of trust from the Conservatives means they are finished, they are done.

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