Nigel Farage has said he will leave Britain if Brexit is a disaster

Nigel Farage has said he will quit the UK if Brexit turns out to be a disaster.

The former Ukip leader, who campaigned vigorously for Britain to leave the EU, told listeners of his radio show that he will emigrate if things go awry.

Speaking on his LBC radio show on Monday night, Mr Farage said: ‘If Brexit is disaster, I will go and live abroad.’

He was responding to a caller named Tony, a Remainer, who phoned his show to ask him if he would quit politics if Britain’s move to leave Europe backfired.

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However, Mr Farage told the caller he thought things will turn out just fine when Britain does leave the EU.

He said: ‘But do you know what Tony, it isn’t going to be a disaster.

Mr Farage was replying to a caller on his radio show (Picture: LBC)
Mr Farage was replying to a caller on his radio show (Picture: LBC)

‘We’ve just managed to get ourselves in a lifeboat off the Titanic. The EU does not work.’

The caller also asked if he would apologise if Brexit meant economic chaos.

Mr Farage said there ‘isn’t much of a tradition’ of apologising in British politics, criticising Labour figures Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell for not apologising for the Iraq War.

It’s not the first time Mr Farage has spoken about leaving the UK. In the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential election win, he said he would consider moving to the US.

‘There is a huge temptation to up sticks and move to America,’ he said.

Mr Farage clashed with Mr Campbell, now editor of The New European newspaper, on ITV show Good Morning Britain on Monday.

When Mr Campbell said people are changing their minds about Brexit, Mr Farage replied: ‘The war is over. Come out of that foxhole, recognise it’s done.

‘But you’re right about one thing – people do have the right to change their minds and they are in a big, big way.

‘Millions of people have realised the pack of lies that were told.’