'Nigel Farage is the only one making sense' - social media reacts to seven-way election debate

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

After the Sunak v Starmer debate earlier this week, all eyes were on last nights seven-way debate seeing representatives from each political party take to the lectern to vouch for their party in the upcoming election.

Nigel Farage ,for Reform UK, and Deputy Labour Minister, Angela Rayner, were joined by ministers from the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, SNP, Greens and Plaid Cymru to give their parties view on issues currently affecting the country while at some points clashing in heated confrontations.

Topics ranged from Sunak's early departure from a D-Day event, the NHS, climate change and immigration with each minister adamant to get their point across, but Rayner and Conservative minister Penny Mordaunt were at the forefront during the debate, according to users on social media.

Facebook and X users were quick to react to the debate, giving their opinions on each minister and their stance on certain issues.

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One X user, was quick to call out Nigel Farage on his stance over the current state of the National Health Service.

@Nurseborisbash said: "This is what Nigel Farage stands for. He wants to scrap the NHS in favour of an American based insurance system."

However others were quick to praise the former UKIP leader, with a viewer poll showing that audiences believe that Farage won the debate, with 25% of voters saying he won the debate.

User @ASKdes tweeted: "Nigel Farage the only one talking sense out of this 6. Represents millions of us bored rigid with the Conservative Party & Labour party. The rest of them you can't believe anything they say."

For Labour, supporters of the left were pleased with the performance from Rayner, in particular her willingness to go toe to toe with Mordaunt with some users calling her 'far smarter' than the Conservative minister, including a moment where she stated she wouldn't be lectured by Mordaunt on national security.

Mordaunt and Rayner had at some points heated debates on issues -Credit:Getty Images
Mordaunt and Rayner had at some points heated debates on issues -Credit:Getty Images

User @JackBailey called on Rayner's background in social work when tweeting his position about the debate: "Angela Rayner's background as a social care worker gives her such a valuable insight into what it's like for so many people in our country, as well as a relatability that so many politicians like."

However, Mordaunt failed to impress audiences with users calling her out on her performance at the debate with one calling her 'rude' and her words over Sunak leaving the D-Day event.

@hewitson10 said: "Penny Mordaunt... defending Rishi Sunak embarrassing our country by abandoning veterans on D-Day. She doesn't want it to become a political football."

Away from the Labour and Conservative confrontations, users also recognised the ministers from the other parties and how they handled themselves.

Deputy Liberal Democrat minister Daisy Cooper was viewed as 'engaging' throughout the night and a 'good rep for the Lib Dems'. One user tweeted the performance from Green representative Carla Deyner had convinced them to vote for the Green Party.

Farage came out on top in a voter poll with 25% of people saying he won the debate -Credit:Getty Images
Farage came out on top in a voter poll with 25% of people saying he won the debate -Credit:Getty Images

For SNP, user @supertanskiii said: Stephen Flynn was extremely impressive last night. Credit where it’s due. I don’t envy anyone that has to go up against him."

But for Plaid Cymru audiences were confused over what their plan was with some so far as to say 'Plan, what plan?".

However despite the confrontations and divisive opinions of the debate, one fact rung true across social platforms, recognising how 'well' Mishel Hussain handled the event and her ability to keep moving the conversations along.

The general election will take place on July 4th.