Nigel Farage targets Prince Charles hours after 'offensive' comments about Royal Family

Harriet Brewis

Nigel Farage has refused to back down on his controversial comments about the Royal Family, mocking Prince Charles on Australian TV over his views on climate change.

The Brexit Party leader told Sky News Australia that he “refused to stand” following a speech from the Prince of Wales on the polar ice caps in 2011.

Mocking the prince, who he calls “Charlie boy”, Mr Farage told his hosts: “He [Prince Charles] came to the European Parliament ten years ago to tell us within seven years the polar ice cap would disappear completely.

“At the end of his speech, I refused to stand, I just sat there,” he added, to the laughter of the presenters.

The MEP boasted of refusing to stand for the Prince of Wales

He then went on to reiterate his dread at the prospect of Charles taking up the British throne.

“All I can say about the Queen and his succession is this: the Queen Mother was a chain-smoking gin drinker who did not look after herself at all and lived to 101,” he said.

“The Queen is 93 and looks fit, may she reign for a very long time.”

Mr Farage blasted the royals in an outspoken speech in Sydney (EPA)

is comments, broadcast in Australia on Sunday, came just a day after the former Ukip leader made an incendiary speech about the royals.

Addressing guests at a political dinner on Saturday, from which the media were excluded, the Right-winger described the late Queen Mother as “a slightly overweight, chain-smoking gin-drinker”.

He also poured scorn on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, saying Prince Harry’s personal appeal had “fallen off a cliff” since the couple met and embarked on campaigns for social justice and the environment.

His continued verbal rampage against the Royal Family has been met by a fierce social media backlash, with users accusing him of “racism” against Meghan and “attention-seeking”.

MP David Lammy called labelled the Brexiteer a “bellicose toad” over his comments on the duchess.

Other platforms have debated his remarks, with the Jeremy Vine Show asking its Twitter followers: “What do you make of Nigel Farage's comments calling the late Queen Mother a "chain smoking gin-drinker" and saying Prince Harry's popularity has "fallen off a cliff" since he married Meghan?

“Pure rudeness or is the Brexit Party leader just saying what we're all secretly thinking?

Amid the criticism for Mr Farage, some users have defended his right to voice his opinions.

Graham Smith, chief executive of anti-monarchy group Republic, told MailOnline: “Farage is wrong to dismiss the issues Harry, Meghan and Charles focus on, but he's free to criticise the Royal Family if he wants to – and he's right to suggest the royals need to keep out of politics.

“We need to stop feigning outrage every time the royals get called out for what they say and do in public.

“They are public figures on the public payroll, we all have every right to criticise them any way we see fit. I may disagree with what Farage is saying, but I support his right to say it.”