Night Court Is Giving Melissa Rauch A Huge Big Bang Theory Reunion That Might Give Fans Some Weird Feelings

 Abby smiling in Night Court.
Abby smiling in Night Court.

Night Court’s second season has been a hotbed for TV reunions. Melissa Rauch talked to us about welcoming past Big Bang Theory guest star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and she most recently paired back up with former Black Monday co-star Paul Scheer, who told us what a “dream” it was. (Scheer also reteamed with fellow Human Giant vet Rob Huebel in the ep.) Now, Rauch is getting a huge TBBT reunion by way of Kunal Nayyar, though the role may spark some weird feelings in fans. Yay, but eek?

As soon as Melissa Rauch’s network TV reunion was cemented with Night Court’s revival, Big Bang Theory fans began calling for the NBC sitcom to find a way to make reunions happen. Having the beloved Raj actor around will surely be a delight for everyone who can’t stop watching Bernadette and Howard’s foibles with a Max subscription. Check out the first look at his arrival, per TVLine:

To be sure, Nayyar’s character could just be pointing to Abby Stone’s neck from very close up in an awkward way, but TVLine hints that the touch might mean something more, especially with Abby holding those flowers.

Kunal Nayyar will be taking on the role of Martini Toddwallis — A+ name — a fashion designer known across the globe for his fetching fits. But when audiences meet up with him in the episode airing on February 6, he’ll be in the midst of a creative block, and the episode synopsis hints that he’ll find a bit of “inspiration and maybe even a new muse” when he passes through the courtroom.

India de Beaufort as Olivia and Paul Scheer as Carnes in Night Court Season 2
India de Beaufort as Olivia and Paul Scheer as Carnes in Night Court Season 2

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Sure, the idea of a new muse could be completely innocent, which reads about as likely as Martini pointing to Abby’s neck. As viewers know, Abby and Rand split up at the end of Season 1, and she’s been reflecting on that decision and her current state of single-ness, or pickle-ness, as it were. And her face in the first look isn’t beaming with a “being nice to strangers” smile.

Will Big Bang Theory fans be able to suspend disbelief in order to watch "Martini" getting sweet on and making out with "Abby," or will it just seem like Raj and Bernadette are totally going behind Howard's back with all these shenanigans? Obviously we're all mature beings who can tell the difference between one show's fiction and another show's fiction. It's just whether our brains will allow us to be so logical.

I'd be remiss if I wrapped this story without talking about the biggest Season 2 reunion of all for longtime fans of Night Court: John Larroquette's Dan and former co-star Marsha Warfield's Roz. It was awesome to see Roz back in action, as it were, and both stars talked to CinemaBlend about how much they enjoyed working together again after all those years.

Night Court airs new episodes Tuesday nights on NBC at 8:00 p.m. ET, and they’re available to stream the next day with a Peacock subscription. Mark those calendars for Kunal Nayyar's arrival on February 6!