Late night storm leaves minimal damage on Valdosta City Schools

Mar. 27—VALDOSTA — Valdosta City School officials have reported minimal structural damage to facilities following the severe storm that swept through the area.

However, Sallas Mahone Elementary and Valdosta Middle School were without power. This disruption, coupled with reports of impassable roadways throughout the region, prompted officials to cancel classes for the day.

According to the transportation director, who traversed various routes to assess conditions, numerous roads remained inaccessible due to debris and flooding. These hazardous conditions posed a safety risk for students and staff attempting to commute to school.

Moreover, the storm left over 4,000 residents without power, with most affected individuals residing within city limits. Recognizing the outage's widespread impact and the safety concerns associated with navigating storm-damaged areas, officials deemed it prudent to suspend school operations for the day.

Officials urged residents to exercise caution and patience as crews work to restore power and clear roadways after the storm.