The nightclub hidden underneath a market you'd never know was there

Entrance into underground a bar, located in Cardiff.
-Credit: (Image: Diana Firlag)

A bar which opened six months ago is attracting visitors "who didn't even know it is there", according to the manager. Boho Club, which is one of the city's newest venues is tucked away on St Mary Street, just next to popular Flight Club, and is actually located underneath the bustling market which lots of people walk past every day.

Described as a "canvas waiting for input", Boho Club is all about offering something different. They bring a bit of everything to Cardiff's lively nightlife scene, from R&B to Latin, House and comedy nights. They even have an open mic night. The club, which took over the building formerly home to Myst Lounge, the first electric shisha lounge in the centre, has quietly been making the name for itself since it opened six months ago, but it isn't just any old bar that you can dance in. For the latest restaurant reviews, sign up to our food and drink newsletter here

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They opened with a bang on New Year's Eve and have been evolving ever since, openly encouraging people to come to them with ideas on how to make their nights even better. So what is it like on the inside? Boho Club is distinctly different to other city centre haunt in Cardiff. As you go inside, you enter through a dimly lit staircase and past a neon bright sign.

And although the door says what it is on the outside, unless you had heard of Boho, you might not have realised that the club is underground, and stretches underneath Cardiff Market. The new owners have restored the old Victorian brickwork to try and marry a combination of old and new in the design. There are also old walls in the building that they believe could even date back to the medieval Cardiff gaol, where Dic Penderyn was hung after the Merthyr Rising in 1831.

The main space is decorated with a contemporary glow, featuring deep blue sofas, with cosy seating that is spread out more like a lounge than a nightclub, with shades of copper and gold dotted through the venue. And the exposed brickwork is what really reminds you that you are underground, giving the space an edgy feel. There's a range of cocktails on offer, from espresso martinis, negronis and paper planes, ranging from £10-£11 each. And there are so many events to choose from, so it's worth making a note of if you ever want something different to do.

Cocktail making
Boho do a selection of cocktials that definitely stand out from the crowd -Credit:Diana Firlag
People grouped together on a dancefloor- located in Cardiff city centre. People can be seen partying under the lights in this underground bar
Boho does a range of events, from chilled out comedy evenings to an electric R&B nights -Credit:Diana Firlag
Bar staff shaking cocktails together in an underground bar in Cardiff. Two men are at the forefront of the image making the drinks, smiling.
The ethos behind the bar seems to be centred around providing something different from other night clubs, and they are keen for customers to let them know if they have an idea that would elevate the venue -Credit:Diana Firlag

They hold their Latin night every Thursday, playing classic salsa hits and modern reggaetón rhythms, and the House night takes place on a Friday, for people into more of an electric feel. And if you are keen for more of an urban energy, their R&B nights take place on a Saturday.

They also have their open mic night on a Wednesday for budding musicians or seasoned poets, allowing a place where creativity can sprout, as well as holding a comedy night every Sunday evening, featuring stand-up comedy, perfect for a chilled end-of-week vibe. The general manager, Tom Coliandris, told WalesOnline: "As an independent company we didn't have huge amounts of resources to pull from, so we designed and constructed the entire site ourselves, pulling long hours and relying on the help and generosity of friends and family to help us bring this vision to life.

"We opened on New Year's Eve against all odds to great success, and have gone from strength to strength since, aiming to create a warm and welcoming environment with an eclectic mix of events and musical genres to offer something for everyone. From live music and Latin nights midweek, to the late night excitement of our Friday House and Saturday R&B club nights, wrapping up the week with our Sunday comedy club, there is definitely something on offer for everyone to get behind.

"One of the best things about running such a historic site is the bar has many previous incarnations, and everyone has a different story to tell about the last time they were here before Boho started. It's fascinating hearing everyone's memories of the building and using that feedback to influence the future of Boho to hopefully create a few more!"

Tom added, when asked what people's reactions are to the bar: "Some people come in and didn't even know it was here, still. It's been going really well and it's such an exciting time to be here."