Nikki Grahame’s mum says she begged nurses not to discharge her from hospital

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<p>Nikki Grahame and her mum Sue</p> (PA)

Nikki Grahame and her mum Sue


Nikki Grahame’s mother Sue has said she begged nurses not to discharge her daughter from hospital prior to her death.

The Big Brother star was found dead at her London home last month following a long battle with anorexia.

She died a day after she was released from Dorset County Hospital, in Dorchester, where she was receiving treatment for her eating disorder. 

Sue told the Sunday Mirror that she and Nikki’s father David had stated that it was vital that she remain at the facility. 

David tragically lost his own battle with pancreatic cancer just nine days after his daughter’s death death.

“The nurses were amazing but I told every single one, ‘She mustn’t go home. She’s too ill,’” Sue said. 

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“Her father even called and told the hospital, ‘If you let her leave, Nikki will die.’

“She was so poorly and her OCD was so bad. I couldn’t get near her as she was so worried about germs. A group of us got her sectioned under the Mental Health Act. It was awful but we had to do it.”

Sue said that Nikki was determined to go home to her flat, despite her and David’s concerns.

She also said she wasn’t aware of some medical conditions Nikki had when she was discharged, telling the publication her daughter had bradycardia, hypoglycemia, and a cracked pelvis.

Speaking about her loss, Sue said: “I am destroyed. There’s part of me that’s lost forever. My fight to get Nikki well started 30 years ago. In the end, I lost her. It has been the fight from hell.”

An investigation into Nikki’s death has been launched after her family claimed she was released from the hospital too early. She weighed just five stone when she died.

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Dorset County Hospital Foundation Trust has also launched an internal review into the case, The Sun reports.

A spokesperson for the hospital told the paper: “Staff at the Trust were deeply saddened to learn of the death of Miss Grahame, and our thoughts are with the family and friends of Miss Grahame at this very difficult time.

“A full internal investigation into the circumstances of Miss Grahame’s death is currently underway. This is in line with standard procedures following any sudden death.”

In March, Sue told the Telegraph that Nikki’s condition further deteriorated after the gyms closed due to coronavirus restrictions.

“This last year has just about floored her… From the first lockdown, it was hellish. She struggled because she couldn’t go to the gym,” she said.

“Then in December she fell down and cracked her pelvis in two places and broke her wrist. I stayed with her for three or four weeks because she couldn’t do anything.”

Nikki, who was a contestant on the seventh series of Big Brother UK in 2006, battled anorexia since childhood, spending much of her younger years in and out of hospital due to the condition.

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