Nikki Grahame On Anorexia Battle: ‘I Was Used To Walking Around Emaciated - I Finally Look Like A Woman’ - EXCLUSIVE

Since bursting onto our screens as one of the best-loved Big Brother contestants of all time back in 2006, Nikki Grahame has found herself a deep rooted spot in the nation’s heart.

Which is why we were so glad when the pint-sized star decided to come back from Paris to take part in this year’s series of the hit reality show, reminding the world exactly why we love her and her dramatic outbursts.


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But as well as being the Queen of the tantrums, Nikki has openly spoken about her ongoing battle with anorexia, which she had been diagnosed with by the age of twelve.

Now, healthier than ever, Nikki has decided that enough is enough with there being no flattering clothes for smaller girls, teaming up with online store, JJY London, to launch an exclusive petite clothing range.


Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity UK at the swanky launch of her range, the 33-year-old star told us that she is now finally comfortable with her dress size and feels like a ‘real’ woman.

After Nikki’s mum has come over and pointed out a hot guy to the reality star, telling Nik to ‘go for it’, an embarrassed Nikki opens up, telling us: “I am completely comfortable with my body now.

“I have gone up two dress sizes and just think I’ve been so used to walking around emaciated, finally I look like a woman.”


And we have to admit, Nikki really is glowing.

When asked about whether she agrees with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s recent ‘skinny-shaming’ comments, the reality star adds: “I do think skinny people get a lot of flack.

“I knew people would say this about me bringing out a petite range, but at the end of the day, whether you’ve had an eating disorder or not, some people are just born with smaller frames.


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“They’re just short, or come up less wide - my mate’s only 4′10 and she was so excited that I was bringing out this range.

“So I’m going to bring out clothes that I feel good in, small beautiful dresses and outfits for every occasion.”

We also couldn’t resist asking Nikki if she was going to hunt out the boy that her mum had pointed out to her earlier in the night, with the bashful star telling us: “I’m just loving being single, all my mum wants is to palm me off with some bloke but at the moment I’m just free and having a good time.


“I’ve just moved into my new place so I’m having lots of girly nights in with dinner parties and enjoying being single.”

And, to be honest, we couldn’t be more happy to hear just how bloomin’ well Nikki is doing…

…Something tells us that her amazing new range is going to be a huge success.

Nikki For JYY is available NOW from JYY-London