Nile Rodgers says he feels ‘numb’ following death of his mother

Tom Horton, PA
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Nile Rodgers has said he feels “numb” following the death of his mother.

The Chic star, 68, said his mother Beverly Goodman died on Sunday.

He shared the news alongside a photo of himself with her as she lay in bed.

Rodgers tweeted: “My mom #BeverlyGoodman #RIP passed away around 6am today.

“I breathed some of my 1st breaths with her and she breathed some of her last with me.

“My brothers and I will contact everyone soon. Today I’m numb.”

On Wednesday, Rodgers said the “hardest part” of this festive period is not being able to visit his mother.

“She’s always happy and entertaining even w late stage Alzheimer’s,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Our conversations are loving and filled with laughter.

“I’ve learned when to redirect or not so she’s never uncomfortable w her memory loss.”

Last year, Rodgers told the PA news agency that although his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s more than a decade ago, when they speak she “becomes so intellectually clear it’s mind-boggling”.

He added that he had seen “just how transformational music can be for people with this condition”.

Serpentine Gallery Summer Party 2019 – London
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“One day I took my mom shopping in a mall. As we passed every store which played music, she sang the songs with perfect pitch.

“I thought to myself this woman I’ve known all my life, is now all of a sudden a terrific singer. How did that happen?

“I realised that her memory is precisely honed in on those memories. It was incredible.”