Nimble Two-Legged Fox Scurries Through Derbyshire Backyard

A shocked couple in Ilkeston, England, recently discovered an agile two-legged fox scurrying through their backyard.

This video shows the animal walking around their garden on two legs with its tail in the air.

According to the Derbyshire homeowners, Philip and Jane Carter, the pair were decorating their tree in mid-December when Jane noticed the unusual visitor in their garden.

Philip told Storyful that at first he thought it was a joke, but then he realized it was a real-life fox walking around on two legs.

“It was fascinating. It stood bolt upright and ran like a human on two legs. “It just had two little furry stumps at the back,” Philip said.

Philip told Storyful that the animal showed no signs of malnourishment and that he couldn’t believe “how fast it was.” Credit: Tom Carter via Storyful

Video transcript