A nine-year-old 'Elastigirl' can bend twist her body into all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes

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A nine-year-old 'Elastigirl' can bend her spine backwards and twist her body into weird and wonderful shapes after spending lockdown mastering the art of contortion.

Talented Lexi Craven only began training in contortion to keep herself busy last April but since then the hobby has become an "obsession", according to her mum Julie.

She attends online training sessions five or six times a week and spends almost every minute of her free time practising the latest and most bizarre positions she's learned.

Fantastic pictures taken this week show Lexi showing off her unique talent, which she hopes will springboard her into the circus.

She said: "I love bending myself into all sorts of funny positions, it's really fun. 

"It's funny seeing peoples' reactions when I show them what I can do because they're really surprised and that makes me feel happy. 

"I also like seeing the progress I make. At the start, I wasn't so good but now I can do all sorts of positions.

"When I'm older I'd like to join the circus as a contortionist. 

"Hopefully I can perform in front of really big crowds and make everyone cheer."

Mum-of-three Julie, 46, said: "Lexi has always been fascinated by contortionism.

"She liked looking it up on the internet and that kind of thing. 

"When the lockdown began I thought it would be nice to get her into something a bit different to keep fit and hopefully have a bit of fun. 

"I never imagined she would fall so in love with it."

Julie, who lives with her three daughters and husband in Bradford, West Yorks., signed her youngest Lexi up to lessons over Zoom with a famous contortionist Pixie Le Knot. 

Pixie is known to be one of the most flexible contortionists in the world and may be recognisable to TV buffs, having starred in Game of Thrones. 

During the first lockdown Lexi was having lessons six times a week, Julie said. 

Currently she is attending five per week and classes can span from an hour to a few hours depending on the number of attendees. 

Lexi said: "I love Pixie, she is such a good teacher and an amazing contortionist. She's my inspiration."

The schoolgirl was a keen dancer and gymnast previously but when her classes came to an end due to the pandemic she had to think outside the box.

Julie added that although contortionism isn't that popular it is a great way for kids to stay fit and keep active, especially during a lockdown. 

Julia said: "I hate the idea of Lexi sitting down all day playing on the iPad - it doesn't seem right to me. 

"Contortionism has been a great way for her to keep busy during the lockdowns.

"I can't believe how completely obsessed she is with it.  She spends more time practising her positions than she does sitting down. 

"Every time I look over she's bending in some funny position."

Lexi's incredible talent has led to a surge of support on social media, where she is known as 'Flexitia' and has a whopping 46,000 Instagram followers.

Julie said: "Lexi has big dreams and she's the kind of girl who won't stop until she has achieved them. 

"I'm so proud of her."