Ninja Twitch Lawsuit Rumor: Will Streamer Be Sued For Using N Word?

Ninja Twitch Lawsuit Rumor: Will Streamer Be Sued For Using N Word?

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is Twitch’s most popular Fortnite streamer and can’t stop being in the middle of a controversy. Late on Tuesday night, Ninja accidentally blurted out the n-word while rapping along to Logic’s song “44 more.” Ninja has been drinking the whole night and added an n-word that wasn’t on the track to begin with. In September, fellow giant YouTuber PewDiePie blurted out the slur while playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

But this isn’t the whole controversy facing the pro Fortnite sniper. A rumor has started to float around online that Twitch is “suing” the streamer for botting his channel and getting fake Twitch Prime subscriptions. Fortnite YouTubers like BobbyCarterIV and Home of Games have released videos talking about the allegations with no actual evidence. This entire controversy is just clickbait, a way to get Ninja fans to click on a video before they realize they are being horribly misled.

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Twitch Prime offers Fortnite skins for those that signed up and connected their Epic account. This gave thousands of people, who quickly became obsessed with the battle royale, a reason to activate their account. Alongside the free skins, Twitch Prime gives users a free subscription that they can donate to whichever streamer they want. Many chose Ninja since they were already a fan, quickly gaining over 10,000 new subs a day. Sites like Polygon thought that this meant he had to be employing bots to abuse the system, but Twitch released a statement saying that everything was legit.

So did Ninja did say the n-word, but Twitch isn’t suing him for it either.

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