Nintendo responds to kid’s request for nonbinary Pokémon: ‘I’m crying now’

A father was delighted when his child wrote to Nintendo — and the company had the kindest response.

The dad, who goes by the handle @PleaseBeGneiss, shared the exchange on Twitter. His kid sent a handwritten letter with one special wish to Nintendo. @PleaseBeGneiss helped them find the address and send the letter, but the sentiment was entirely his little one’s.

“My kid wrote a letter to Nintendo and they wrote back,” @PleaseBeGneiss tweeted with a crying emoji.

“Dear Nintendo, could please make nonbinary Pokémon? Also I want that because I think it would be cool and so nonbinary people would feel more comfortable about it,” the child wrote.

The kid received a reply from Liz Daniels, a consumer service representative for Nintendo.

“Thank you for writing to us! In your letter, you asked us to make nonbinary Pokémon. I think that is an awesome idea,” Daniels wrote. “There are so many varieties of Pokémon, so it would make sense to have a variety of genders as well! We want to make sure people of all kinds feel welcomed and comfortable while playing our software.”

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Daniels said she would send the feedback to the “appropriate departments” to consider the heartfelt request. The company also included some promotional items with the note.

The response received over 71,000 likes. Many people were enthused by the thought of more inclusive Pokémon.

“OK, so I’m crying now,” one user tweeted.

“I cannot wait to see this,” another commented.

“What a kid! That kid’s gonna change the world,” a person said.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has made progressive decisions regarding Pokémon. In 2016, the company allowed gamers to use gender-fluid avatars for its popular Pokémon Go game. Three years later, it was confirmed that one of the main Pokémon Go characters, Blanche, used “they/them” pronouns — making them the first nonbinary character in the franchise.

Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia, says that after Generation II of the games there were genders assigned to Pokémon — however, there are species that are listed as “genderless.”

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