I nipped out for my morning coffee and fell even more in love with Liverpool

I stumbled across Lark Lane market
-Credit: (Image: Megan Banner)

My Saturday morning routine usually consists of waking up with a slight red wine headache, getting ready and taking a stroll down Lark Lane to grab a coffee, before heading into Sefton Park for a little walk.

And that is exactly what I did last Saturday. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself stumbling upon a haven of different cuisines, art, décor, and accessories right on my doorstep.

I'm new to the city and this was my first experience at Lark Lane Farmers' Market, where 60 independent traders set up their stalls for a monthly culinary and cultural haven.

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Lark Lane Farmers' Market is run by Liverpool Council and shoppers can pick up produce including meat, fruit and vegetables, fish and international delicacies. The market also offers baked goods and plants, along with a variety of handmade crafts, artisan goods and art. There really is something for everyone - and I enjoyed exploring every single bit of it.

I was in my element on Saturday morning strolling through the market in the glorious sunshine. There were smells from dozens of different cuisines in the air; the hustle and bustle of busy traders; as well as shoppers chattering away as they browsed what was on offer.

I'd class myself as something of a foodie, so I was very happy to see everything from Greek, Middle Eastern and British foods to baked cookies and cakes. Greek food is my all-time favourite so I stocked up on some bits and also sampled some baklava. The olives on offer in one stall were probably the best I've ever tasted. Stunning.

Lark Lane Farmer's Market runs the last Saturday of every month
Lark Lane Farmer's Market runs the last Saturday of every month -Credit:Megan Banner

My favourite thing about markets is the little samples of all the food and drink you can try. I sampled chutneys, rum punch, cheeses, and much more - there were so many flavours and I loved every second of it.

I did have to stop myself when it came to the art and craft stalls, however, because my bank account would have taken a serious hit if I had bought everything I wanted. There were beautiful handmade items on the stalls to buy. One trader was selling gorgeous tables she had made out of resin and told me all about the process of creating her impressive wares. The market was a lovely way to speak to traders and meet people too.

Of course, it was the clothes, accessories and bags that stole my heart on Lark Lane. I can't express how much I loved the fact they were all handmade by the traders - I find it so wholesome being able to say "Oh I know the girl who made me this."

I found Lark Lane Farmers' Market to be such a lovely way to shop. There is something really special about soaking up the atmosphere of a Saturday morning market.

I'm adding this to my list of reasons why I'm falling in love with this city, and just to think I only nipped out for a coffee.

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