Nissan highlights twin-motor all-wheel drive at CES (Mark Kane)
The Nissan Ariya Concept featuring e-4ORCE technology

The next-generation Nissan EVs will be offered with a twin-motor all-wheel-drive system called e-4ORCE.

Nissan is present at the 2020 CES in Las Vegas with an entire family of EVs, including its latest Ariya concept based on an all-new EV platform, the top of the line LEAF e+, as well as an electric ice cream van and Nissan’s Formula E race car.

Our focus is on Nissan's twin-motor all-wheel-control e-4ORCE, which is featured in the Ariya concept and will be used in the upcoming all-new BEVs.

"The “e” represents Nissan’s technologies enabled by a 100% electric motor drive system. “4ORCE,” pronounced “force,” evokes physical power and energy with “4” standing for the all-wheel control driving capability."

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According to the Japanese company, having two motors - one per axle - increases not only performance but also "deliver balanced, predictable power and handling on par with many premium sports cars".

The EV industry is already accustomed to high-end/premium models with all-wheel-drive. We are eager to see Nissan's effect in the more mainstream segment, although other players like Volkswagen are also developing similar solutions.

"The technology was born from lessons learned in the development of the Nissan GT-R's ATTESA E-TS torque split system and the Nissan Patrol's intelligent 4X4 system. Engineers developed the e-4ORCE technology to specifically manage electric vehicle power output and braking performance to be smooth and stable.

Unparalleled ride comfort is the result of the e-4ORCE technology’s ability to minimize vehicle pitch and dive. This is accomplished by employing regenerative braking from both front and rear motors, making city stop-and-go traffic less jostling. Similarly, on rough, bumpy roads and when accelerating, motor control is optimized to maintain ride comfort by minimizing irregular movement.

e-4ORCE increases driver confidence by faithfully tracing the driver's intended line thanks to ultra-high-precision motor and brake control. With the confidence to handle such a variety of road surfaces, even for novice drivers on slippery surfaces, driving becomes more enjoyable."

Nissan Leaf e+ with dual electric motors and all-wheel drive

Takao Asami, Nissan’s senior vice president of research and advanced engineering said:

“The e-4ORCE twin-motor all-wheel control technology offers precise handling and stability, which gives drivers greater confidence and even more excitement than ever before. This technology enables excellent cornering performance and traction on slippery surfaces and comfortable ride for all passengers.”

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