Nissan teams with Opus Camper to give old EV batteries new life

By Ryan Hirons

Nissan has teamed with camper manufacturer Opus to give retired EV batteries a new lease of life.

Dubbed the Nissan x Opus concept, this camper van features Roam — a portable power pack made of lithium-ion batteries recovered from first-generation electronic vehicles produced by the Japanese manufacturer.


The total capacity of the pack is 700Wh with a power output of 1kW — enough energy for seven days of camping when used with a solar panel. When charge is needed, it can be removed from the camper and plugged in to a domestic plug socket.


This concept is based on the Air Opus, an inflatable camper designed to be taken ‘off-the-grid’. It can be erected in 90 seconds and features cooking equipment, a dining area and sleeping accommodation for up to six people.

Francisco Carranza, managing director of Nissan Energy, said: “Nissan’s leadership in energy services means we are not only transforming the way people drive, but also the way we live. The Nissan x Opus concept is a real-world example of how Nissan Energy Roam can integrate into our lifestyles – in this case the hugely popular leisure activity of camping.”

“Our customers already have the ability to take control of their energy use at home through Nissan’s residential storage solutions. Now we can give them complete independence to experience ‘off-grid’ adventures. The new Nissan Energy Roam can deliver clean, sustainable power to the most remote of locations, and be enjoyed by everyone.”

Nissan Roam is set to be made available as a standalone product later in 2019, with pricing to be announced in due course. The Nissan x Opus concept will make a public debut at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show, taking place in Birmingham from February 19 to 24.