No Hills, No Problem: Texas Man Goes 'Sledding' on Mattress Pulled by Truck

After some seasonal snowfall, a group of friends in Lubbock, Texas, wanted to go sledding but found themselves with no hills and no sleds. But with an old mattress and a truck, they were able to enjoy some even more unsafe winter fun on January 10.

Lubbock resident Megan Schroeter, her girlfriend Katelyn Clarkstons, and their best friend Conor O’Neill were determined to make the most of the winter afternoon, despite their lack of sporting goods.

Schroeter recorded a video from inside Clarkstons’s truck as they drove around the neighborhood with a mattress tied to the back of the vehicle, all while Conor, shirtless and with a beer in his hand, balanced atop his makeshift “sled.”

“Conor thought it would be funny to do it shirtless while chugging a PBR,” Schroeter told Storyful. “It was hilarious and definitely a great way to start 2021,” she said. Credit: Megan Schroeter via Storyful