No more Mr Nice Guy: Microsoft boss rages after Activision merger blocked in UK

Long a diplomatic and friendly face with regards to regulation, Microsoft Vice Chairman Brad Smith was furious this week after the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) moved to block the tech giant's acquisition of gaming company Activision Blizzard.

The CMA's decision was largely based on concerns that Microsoft could come to dominate the cloud gaming market, or games which are streamed rather than downloaded.

In an interview with the BBC, Smith called this a "faulty understanding of the market," adding that "this business is so small today that Microsoft can't even stream games to more than 5,000 people at a time in the entirety of the United Kingdom".

On this week's Tech 24, we dig into the CMA's fears around Microsoft's cloud gaming dominance, and discuss what it means for the future of tech's largest ever acquisition.

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