No One Wants to Perform at King Charles’ Coronation and Yes, Twitter’s Got Jokes

Twitter has thoughts
Twitter has thoughts

Twitter has thoughts

King Charles’ coronation is almost upon us and obviously, it is expected to be a star studded grand affair, which means there are likely to be musical guests performing.

And while it might seem like a very easy gig for the organisers to schedule, turns out they’re having a very hard time with it because many A-list musicians have reportedly declined invitations to perform at the event.

According to various sources, stars like Harry Styles, Adele and Robbie Williams all declined to perform due to their jam packed schedules, with the Spice Girls and Elton John also joining the list of non performers.

And this lack of interest by artists to perform at the King’s coronation has definitely caught the eye of the people on social media.

And obviously, Twitter’s got jokes.

Many of them pointed out that the organisers have quite the nerve to ask Elton John, given that he was very close friends with Diana and performed Candle In the Wind at her funeral — which has famously been dubbed as Diana’s song.

Because of the influx of people declining to perform at the event, people on Twitter turned it into a meme template, pretending to decline to perform as well.

While many of the artists have declined due to the fact that their schedules don’t align with the event, and they have concerts and gigs scheduled in different parts of the world on the big day, people on social media are enjoying the chaos ensuing from the string of declined invitations coming in.

Despite all the cancellations, it would be very interesting to see who actually does perform. And the day that is announced, you bet Twitter will be right there, jokes at the ready, to watch any potential drama unfold.