No, this video is not proof that Shanghai's new wave of Covid-19 is fake

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Some Twitter accounts have been refuting claims that the Covid-19 pandemic is resurging in China. Their proof: a report from a state media outlet that they say shows relatively empty emergency rooms. But the images in the report were taken out of context.

If you only have a minute:

  • Since December 29, several Twitter accounts which share false information about Covid-19 have been posting a report by a journalist from Shanghai Daily, one of the city's English-language state media outlets.

  • The report was shot on December 20 and shows relatively meagre queues at several clinics. People online used this as proof that the images of overflowing hospitals in Shanghai are false and that the resurgence of the pandemic in China has been staged.

  • But the report is actually showing clinics that treat less serious cases of Covid-19. The journalist himself has admitted that the situation in hospitals has deteriorated.

The fact-check in detail:

“This guy is in Shanghai [...] There are no Chinese in line at the emergency rooms, no people dying on the streets". This Twitter account claimed on December 29 to have found a video that proves the pandemic is not resurging in China.

In the video, Andy Boreham, a reporter for state-run media outlet Shanghai Daily, walks through the city, going from one medical centre to another on December 20. "I've seen some rumours online that there are people dying everywhere [...] so what I'm gonna do is go to check it out for myself and bring you guys along," he says. There aren't many people waiting in lines outside the medical facilities he shows.

The virus is still spreading in Shanghai

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