'No wonder Harry and Meghan left for the USA'

Meghan and Harry
Meghan and Harry

WHAT a rant from Robert Readman (Echo 23 Nov) tearing into the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who are on Readman’s account self-serving odious human beings.

To start with it was not just a matter of ‘the reason the pair gave’ for leaving the UK, they were as a matter of fact viciously pursued and attacked by tabloids for years.

Are we to forget it was mass media photographers working for the tabloids that pursued Harry’s mother Princess Diana to her death, Pont de L’Alma tunnel Paris 31st August 1997?

Pursued by a dozen ‘photos at any cost’ paparazzi.

How then does that mark any young man or woman for life?

And lets not forget it was our tabloids that were hacking into private phones back to the 2000s including into the phones of Prince William and Prince Harry.

And no less not to forget 2008 Captain Prince Harry serving with his regiment on the front line in Afghanistan - doing his job serving his country - until his cover was blown apart by tabloid media.

And not to forget it is just last year that the High Court found in favour of the Duchess of Sussex in the case of the Mail on Sunday publishing extracts of a private letter from Meghan to her father.

The Mail group ordered by the judge to publish an apology in the Mail on Sunday.

And for that the Mail along with other tabloids have clearly never forgiven them.

Not a week goes by and our tabloid press is not blackening their names.

No wonder they left for the USA.

All the very same history repeats Edward VIII abdication 1936 Wallace Simpson reviled from dawn to dusk.


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