'Nobody want New Balance!' Dramatic Alabama teen girl is very upset with her mother over shoes

The hilariously over-dramatic moment is seen in Mobile, Alabam as 15-year-old Laneria is upset at her mother Lorraine for trying to buy her New Balance shoes instead of the more expensive shoes she wants.

"Cheap...nobody want New Balance!" the crying teen can be heard saying in the video.

"It was several different pairs that I disagreed with. She wanted shoes over $100 so I told her no. I got 3 other kids that I gotta buy things for. I'm a single mother, she has to stay in the price range.. so she got mad and cried for no reason," said Lorraine Hart in an exclusive interview with Newsflare.

Lorraine wasn't aware of how viral the clip has gone and only saw the clip on Twitter after someone else posted it and it garnered over 1 million views before uploading it to Newsflare.

"I really didn't think it was going to get the attention it has gotten. The video was funny because I know how my daughter is..she is very dramatic," said Lorraine.