Noel Clarke: ‘I tried suicide after harassment claims’

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Noel Clarke says he was left suicidal by groping allegations credit:Bang Showbiz
Noel Clarke says he was left suicidal by groping allegations credit:Bang Showbiz

Noel Clarke denied being a sexual predator as he said he nearly killed himself after he was accused of harassment and bullying by up to 20 women.

The ‘Doctor Who’ star, 46, said he planned to take his life with a folding hunting knife bought as a souvenir in Arizona two decades ago.

He admitted: “I needed to do something unsurvivable. I was reaching for a book and the knife fell out of my pocket. My one-year-old said, ‘Daddy, why have you got that?’

"I said, ‘It’s just to pick the dirt out of my nails…’ and he said, ‘Oh, OK,’ and somehow the ordinariness of that snapped me out of it.

"Up to that point, I had been waiting for the right moment to kill myself. I was out of here. Done. I didn’t care about anything. My mind was destroyed."

Clarke also admitted in an interview with the Mail on Sunday that even though he may have been “over-tactile” with women, he never groped or tried to kiss a woman who "didn’t want to be kissed".

Police dropped an investigation into the Bafta winner after they ruled the testimonies against Clarke would not meet a “threshold for a criminal investigation”.

Clarke, married to make-up artist Iris Da Silva, added: “I’m not a predator. I have crossed the road to avoid walking behind women since I was 15.

"I’ve been a regular dude. For sure, I flirt. Have I ever made a saucy comment? One hundred per cent. But not to the extent that it warranted the destruction of my life."

Co-founder of Reclaim These Streets, Anna Birley slammed the decision to drop the investigation into the accusations.

She said: “Reporting experiences of sexual assault or abuse is difficult, and so it must be hugely upsetting for women who have been so brave and spoken out to hear that the police don’t believe their testimonies are enough.

“Our criminal justice system fails women time and again. Women deserve to be listened to and believed.”

One accuser claimed Clarke said he planned to “f*** her and fire her”.

They added he secretly filmed a naked audition.

Bafta knew about the claims before handing him an Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema award and later retracted the award.

Sky also halted filming of his crime drama ‘Bulletproof’, with ITV pulling the final episode of the drama ‘Viewpoint’.

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