Noel Gallagher is leaving London over stabbings outside his house

Katie Archer

Noel Gallagher has revealed he’s quitting London for a safer life for his sons in the countryside after a spate of stabbings outside his house.

The musician lives in North London, but is about to move to Hampshire for a quieter life over fears that his sons Donovan and Sonny could get caught up in the violence.

He told the Irish Independent: “We’re just about to move out to Hampshire. We didn’t want the kids growing up in London.”

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Gallagher explained: “We’ve had two stabbings outside our house in the last while. I live as you can imagine in quite an affluent area. At one end of the street is one housing estate and the other end is another housing estate, and they are currently at war.

“One guy was multiple stabbed in the middle of the f**king day and an air ambulance had to come and land in the middle of the street and all the streets were taped off.


“Anyway, our lad is 11 and is now coming to go to secondary school and we were just saying it would be too f**king stressful if he is on the Tube and he is coming home and he is being mugged for his phone.

“So we decided that we are going to go out to the country and put them to school in the country. We’ll just commute into London.”

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One neighbour who will still be dealing with the crime rates is U2’s Adam Clayton.

Gallagher said: “Yeah, he’s on my street. He’s my neighbour. He lives about five doors down.”

During the interview, Gallagher also revealed that his wife Sara MacDonald was fairly unimpressed by his songwriting genius when they were househunting in London.

Liam Gallagher (R) and his songwriting brother Noel walk out of the concert hall for a photo-opportunity prior to the first date on their 1997 UK tour, September 13. (Reuters)

He was once labelled “the finest songwriter of his generation” by George Martin, but even that wasn’t enough to secure an outside space on the property for his creative endeavours in MacDonald’s view.

Gallagher said he had announced: “‘I’ll have that as a creative space’. And Sara said, ‘For what? What do you want a creative space for?’. ‘To write songs’. And she said, ‘I’ve never seen you write any songs’.

“I was like, ‘Are you being f**king serious?’. ‘Well, I’ve never seen you write any’. ‘But you do accept that I do write them?’. ‘I’ve just never seen you write any!’ I still to this day don’t have a f***king studio.”

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