Noel Gallagher Ready To Work With Britpop Nemesis Damon Albarn – On Gorillaz Album

They were once bitter rivals.

But former Oasis star Noel Gallagher has admitted he is eager to collaborate with his one-time Britpop enemy Damon Albarn.

The 48-year-old and Blur frontman Albarn have become friends in recent years following a couple of live performances together, and are now discussing collaborating on Gorillaz’s comeback record.

Gallagher, below, said: “He’s making a new Gorillaz album and he’s got my number, so he’s only got to ask. There is talk of doing something but I’m not sure what it is.”


Gallagher and Albarn, below in their ’90s pomp, performed Gorillaz track DARE at Paul Simon’s 60th birthday celebration in December in London as part of a supergroup that included the Clash bassist and Chrissie Hynde.

Gallagher thinks the only thing that can stop he and Damon, also 48, from getting in the studio is a clash in schedules.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: “You can bet your life the minute I finish this tour he’ll go out on his.


“I mean trying to get the two of us in the same room would be a f***ing miracle. But I’m certainly open to the idea, for sure.”

In addition to Damon, Gallagher revealed there are anumber of other artists with whom he would love to work.

He added: “I’d love to write a song for Morrissey. That would be fantastic and f***ing beautiful. I’d also love to sing a song with Johnny Marr. That’d be great.”

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