Nonverbal Boy Receives Surprise Gifts From UPS Drivers

Jace, a nine-year-old UPS enthusiast with Angelman Syndrome, was delighted to receive a surprise gift from his local UPS drivers in Bellevue, Ohio, on December 23.

Brandy Rohlf, Jace’s mother, shared footage of the heartwarming encounter to Facebook.

“[Jace] waits every day for the UPS guys to drive by,” she wrote in her post. “If he is not outside waiting for them he sits at the window and watches for them. They ALWAYS honk and wave and look for him in the window. Today they stopped by and gave Jace a gift because they noticed his excitement when they drive by.”

Rohlf told Storyful that Angelman Syndrome, a rare neurogenetic disorder, causes developmental disabilities, difficulty with motor function and speech, and “a very happy and excitable demeanor.”

“The driver’s wife sent me a message and told me they can’t wait to go by our house,” Rohlf told Storyful.“It’s the highlight of their day too. They look forward to it just as much as Jace does.”

The drivers gave Jace a UPS-branded hat, a toy truck, and some candy, Rohlf said. Credit: Brandy Rohlf via Storyful