Nope director Jordan Peele admits he ‘very creepily’ owns Corey Feldman’s Stand by Me ear

Jordan Peele is extremely proud of his “new friendship” with Corey Feldman, after having been an extreme fan of the former child actor.

The two worked together recently on the Oscar-winning Nope director’s upcoming film series, The Lost Rider: A Chronicle of Hollywood Sacrifice, for New York City’s Lincoln Film Center.

Running from 5 January through 14 January, the event will feature screenings of Peele’s newest thriller and an “assortment of films that serve as a guide to understanding Nope’s thematic interests”.

Speaking about the event, during a Thursday (5 January) night appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Peele shared that it would include Feldman’s 1986 adventure drama Stand By Me and 1984 slasher Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

Host Myers reminded Peele that they had talked about Feldman the last time he appeared on the show, with the Get Out director proudly announcing: “So I have a new friendship with Corey Feldman – very proud of this.

“He invited me and my producer to his house – we went to his house, which was awesome. He had some memorabilia and stuff.”

Calling Feldman “one of the greatest teen icons of all time”, Peele admitted he was “very geeked to have this relationship with Feldman”.

“I’m happy to consider him a friend,” he added, before recalling Feldman’s 2021 auction where he sold “the ear that he wore as Teddy in Stand By Me”.

Jordan Peele and Corey Feldman (Getty Images / YouTube)
Jordan Peele and Corey Feldman (Getty Images / YouTube)

“And I guess I very creepily bought it?” Peele said with a shrug.

“You guess? It feels like you definitely own that now,” Myers responded, with Peele saying: “Yeah, but – I’m saying it out loud, I realise how creepy it is.

“That’s not the thing you should share... on Seth Meyers,” the director joked.

Myers agreed, saying: “Yeah, you should say I bought a piece of memorabilia and just leave it at that.”

Peele, 43, concluded his story by revealing that after mentioning to Feldman that he owned the ear, The Goonies actor was “so glad” to hear Peele was in possession of it.

Feldman starred as Teddy in the coming-of-age film based on Stephen King’s 1982 novella The Body. At one point in the movie, Teddy explains that his ear was burned off after his father shoved his head into a flaming hot stove.