Nope: First reactions laud Jordan Peele’s ‘most ambitious’ horror film to date

Praise for Jordan Peele’s forthcoming horror film Nope has already started pouring in from critics who attended its Monday (18 July) Los Angeles premiere.

The director’s highly anticipated third movie – out in US cinemas on 22 July – has been carefully under wraps, with minimal information about its plot revealed.

However, on Twitter, critics have offered fans a tease, lauding Peele’s “most ambitious film” yet, and instructing audiences to “run, don’t walk to see it this weekend”.

“#NopeMovie is otherworldly yet indescribable. From instances of sheer terror to heartfelt moments between the characters, #Nope is an experience that won't be easy to shake off as you find yourself picking your jaw up from the floor,” Shannon McGrew praised. “Jordan Peele has done it again!”

Collider’s Perri Nemiroff called it “astounding”. “A trippy, terrifying sci-fi Western that also rocks a fascinating collision of big screen and real-world spectacle. Jordan Peele is just a damn master at delivering a full experience while sending you on your way with a myriad of questions to explore.”

“#NOPEMovie isn't what you expect and the trailer doesn't give it justice. Jordan Peele does the unimaginable – again. RUN, DON'T WALK TO SEE IT THIS WEEKEND. E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T-! GIVE KEKE PALMER ALL THE AWARDS CONSIDERATION THIS YEAR,” journalist Ernest Owens declared.

People’s Nigel Smith gave it “a resounding YES”. “See it on the biggest screen you can find. A thrilling and strange spectacle unlike anything else out there. I'll never look at the sky the same way again”.

Twitter reactions to ‘Nope’ (Twitter/Screenshots)
Twitter reactions to ‘Nope’ (Twitter/Screenshots)

“Nope is nothing like what you'd expect. An entertaining head-scratcher, equal parts confusing and terrifying and, like most of the films by @JordanPeele, offers layers you likely won't peel back in one sitting,” stand-up comic Chris Killian commented.

Amid Nope’s overwhelming widespread acclaim, it did receive some criticism from Scott Menzel, who felt that while it “is Jordan Peele’s most ambitious film”, it is “also his weakest”.

“The first act is superb but by the second, it loses its footing and becomes a bad M Night Shyamalan movie with Spielbergian elements. It lacks a sense of focus with a story that is never fully realized,” he argued.

Recently while promoting Nope, Peele offered fans hope for a potential sequel to his acclaimed 2017 horror film Get Out.

“Never say never,” he said. “There’s certainly a lot to talk about left. We’ll see.”

Nope releases in US cinemas on 22 July and on 12 August in the UK.