Norman Mailer’s stunning account of Muhammad Ali’s iconic fight with George Foreman retold with limited edition release of ‘The Fight’

Richard Parry
Neil Leifer/Sports Illustrated

Four decades after its original release, a limited edition of Norman Mailer’s ‘The Fight’ has been released to celebrate one of the most infamous sporting events in history.

The Rumble in the jungle.

George Foreman and Muhammad Ali were each paid $5million dollars to fight Zaire back in 1974, as the two African Americans boxed for the world heavyweight title.

Ali has famously been stripped of the title seven years before after he was banned from boxing following his refusal to fight in the Vietnam war.

Don King, an audacious young promoter back then, had the vision – and Kinshasa would be the setting.

Mailer’s The Fight, released in 1975, was heralded as a masterpiece of sportswriting and now it can enjoyed in even more splendour.

The new abridged edition of which, fittingly, there are only 1,974 copies, is introduced by Mailer scholar J. Michael Lennon and illustrated for the first time with principal photography by the two men who captured Ali and Foreman in the ring and in private like no one else: Neil Leifer and Howard L. Bingham. The book is priced at £450.

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