Video: Dog rides bike

Adam Parris-Long

It’s said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that certainly doesn’t apply to Norman the cycling pooch.

Clever Norman has mastered riding a personalised bike after just 10 weeks of tutoring. Owner Karen Cobb helps him get into position by placing his paws on the pedals but leaves Norman to do the rest by himself. In a video shot by Karen the two-and-a-half year old pooch can be seen riding confidently around the streets of South Carolina, US.

“At the moment Norman is off on short spurts because it is his newest trick but after just over two months learning to ride I think he has finally grasped the concept,” said Karen. ”He would have been able to ride his bike much sooner, but the biggest delay has been him outgrowing bikes.”

Proud Karen boasted that as well as his biking exploits Norman also rides scooters, closes doors after himself and politely wipes his paws on a mat.

She continued: “The most difficult part of training him to do this was building up the muscles in his back legs. He began playing with the kid's scooter in the backyard and we thought it would be fun to give him a ride on it.

“Then we decided to teach him to push it and now he loves riding his scooter as well as his bike”
Norman is a Briard, an ancient breed of large herding dog, originally from France.