North Carolina Man Dodges Crashing Tree Branch Covered in Ice

A North Carolina man narrowly avoided being struck by a falling tree branch, covered in ice, outside his home in Fayetteville on Sunday, January 16.

Homeowner Jalisa Autry said she and her fiancé were woken by a loud cracking sound on Sunday morning. When the pair took a look out their window, they saw a large tree limb on their front lawn.

“Around an hour later, we heard the same sound, but louder with the second boom,” Autry told Storyful. “At that point we noticed it was very close to our cars, so my fiancé decided he needed to move the cars ASAP before the tree and ice could do any more damage.”

Autry’s fiancé had stepped off the porch when the two heard another crack. “I screamed for him to run, he ran as fast as possible and dodged the branch falling on top of him,” said Autry. “We’re thankful that he was not injured!”

This home security video shows the man’s close call. Credit: Jalisa Autry via Storyful

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