North Indian hospital gets unexpected visit as swamp deer is chased in by stray dogs

A private hospital in north India had an unusual guest on January 12 when a full-grown swamp deer broke into the building after being chased by stray dogs.

The incident happened in Pilakhua town in Hapur district, Uttar Pradesh on the night of January 12 at 1:43 am, when a barasingha (swamp) deer was chased inside the JD hospital by some stray dogs.

Dr. Mumtaz, the on-shift doctor, reported: "We heard a loud noise of glass breaking, and we rushed out in the gallery to see and got surprised to see a swamp deer inside the hospital.

"Some patients and their attendants also came out from their ward to watch the deer. The deer broke the glass gate and entered the hospital.

"The deer stayed there for about a minute and then escaped from there breaking another glass door."

No injuries were reported and the deer left the area after exiting the hospital.