North Korea Nuclear Test: UN Sanctions Agreed

New sanctions will be imposed on North Korea for its nuclear weapons test last month, after a unanimous United Nations Security Council vote.

A resolution passed by the 15-member body added three new individuals and two entities to the UN sanctions blacklist.

It also tightened restrictions on the North's financial dealings, including "bulk cash" transfers, linked to its weapons programmes.

The vote came after Pyongyang threatened to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States.

An unidentified spokesman for the country's foreign ministry said the North will exercise its right for "pre-emptive nuclear strikes on the headquarters of the aggressors".

The spokesman claims Washington is pushing to start a nuclear war against North Korea.

Inflammatory rhetoric is common from North Korea, however it has become more regular in recent days.

The North has been angered by the possible sanctions and over upcoming US-South Korean military drills.

The UN Security Council vote means a fourth round of sanctions against Pyongyang in a fresh attempt to rein in its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.

The resolution was drafted by the United States and China, North Korea's closest ally.

Although North Korea boasts of nuclear bombs and pre-emptive strikes, the country is not thought to have mastered the ability to produce a warhead small enough to put on a missile capable of reaching the US.

It is believed to have enough nuclear fuel, however, for several crude nuclear devices.