North Korea releases video of missile test launch and Kim Jong-un laughing

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

North Korea have released a video showing leader Kim Jong-un smiling and laughing during their latest missile test.

Images show Kim looking relaxed and happy at Pyongyang’s ballistic missile test, that drew worldwide condemnation.

The launch abruptly ended a 10-week pause in its weapons testing programme by the regime.

Kim Jong-un oversaw the latest North Korea missile test (Getty)
The leader was seen smiling and laughing during the test (Getty)
The test drew worldwide condemnation (Getty)

North Korean television said it had successfully fired what it called the Hwasong-15, a new nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile that was “significantly more” powerful than any it had previously tested.

The announcement prompted a threat of new sanctions from US President Donald Trump, who also urged China “to use all available levers” to convince its ally to “return to the path of denuclearisation”.

In a tweet, he said that he had spoken to Chinese President Xi Jinping about “the provocative actions” of North Korea.

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He added: “Additional major sanctions will be imposed on North Korea today. This situation will be handled!”

North Korea’s ambassador to London has been summoned to the Foreign Office following the latest ballistic missile test.

Foreign Office Minister Mark Field said he had made clear Britain’s condemnation of the regime’s actions.

Experts believe the missile could reach US shores (Getty)
Kim Jong-un is determined to up North Korea’s weapons programme (Getty)

He said: ”North Korea claims it wants to bring security and prosperity to its people. But its actions are creating only insecurity and deepening its isolation.

“The UK will continue to work with our partners and allies for a diplomatic solution. I urge the regime to abandon its illegal pursuit of nuclear and ballistic missiles and return to dialogue.”

The summons followed the test-firing of a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile that some observers believe could put Washington and the entire eastern coast of the US in range.