North Korean fugitive caught in China after over month-long manhunt

A North Korean fugitive was recaptured after escaping from a prison in northern China 40 days ago. Video captured in Jilin City in Jilin Province on November 28 shows police officers carrying the criminal named Zhu Xianjian after shooting him in the leg to catch him. The 39-year-old Zhu had been sentenced to prison in Jilin City, China after fleeing to the country from North Korea in 2013. Zhu then escaped from prison on October 19, 2021, and police issued a reward notice to arrest him. The reward was also raised from 150,000 yuan (£17,648) to 700,000 yuan (£82,357) for information directly leading to Zhu's capture. On November 28, Chinese police officers caught Zhu successfully at Fuman District in Jilin City. Zhu was sent to hospital for treatment and he was not in a life-threatening condition. The video was provided by local media with permission.

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