North Lanarkshire Council seeks contractor to help with disposal and recycling of old computer equipment

-Credit: (Image: Stuart Vance/ReachPlc)
-Credit: (Image: Stuart Vance/ReachPlc)

North Lanarkshire Council is seeking a contractor to help with the disposal and recycling of old computer equipment and related waste.

The local authority has advertised a five-year contract worth around £150,000, which it intends to award to a single operator who will be responsible for collecting, recycling and re-purposing items from its various premises, numbering more than 500 locations.

The council has also specified that the successful applicant should offer a buyback scheme to its staff and this service should be provided free of charge, with income to be generated from the items collected.

It estimates that around 11,000 items will be collected in this way each year.

NLC is offering potential contractors options to extend the contract in the form of two twelve-month periods.

Any suitably registered operators wishing to bid for the contract will have until August 5 to do so.

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