North Lanarkshire Council updates by-laws regarding employment of young people

-Credit: (Image: Stuart Vance/ReachPlc)
-Credit: (Image: Stuart Vance/ReachPlc)

North Lanarkshire Council has updated its by-laws regarding the employment of children and young people.

As the regulations were last updated in 2001 they did not reflect changes to secondary school timetables such as Future Fridays, which mean that current practice is to offer 32 hours over four and a half days each week.

The latest update, which was unanimously approved by councillors at a recent meeting, will allow secondary school pupils to work for up to four hours on a Friday rather than two.

While not changing the total number of hours pupils are allowed to work, this will allow employers to account for the earlier finish of the school day.

Work permits will continue to be considered on an individual basis and approved only where employment is in the best interests of the child.

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