North Nottinghamshire dog rescue charity's urgent plea for new home after Macedonian rescue dog's owners die

Alfie, thought to be aged six, requires a new home after the death of his adoptive parents. (Photo: Doggy Dens UK)
Alfie, thought to be aged six, requires a new home after the death of his adoptive parents. (Photo: Doggy Dens UK)

Alfie, currently living with foster parents in Leeds, is looking for his forever home after the death of his adoptive owners.

The bushy-tailed boy, thought to be six-years-old, was rescued from Macedonia in 2020 where he was then adopted by UK owners through Doggy Dens UK rescue charity, working in partnership with Macedonian rescue teams and vets.

But sadly, since settling into his new home, his rescue ‘paw-rents’ have both died, meaning Alfie is needing a forever home once again.

Denise Hardwick, Doggy Dens UK rescue founder – based in Cuckney – said: “Alfie is living with foster parents at the moment but he has not barked at all.

“At his previous home he would bark at the doorbell or even a knock at the door.

“He would grumble until the visitors were accepted into the house by the humans, then he would head straight in to give his paw and get his ears rubbed.

“The perfect guard dog.”

Alfie “loves human company” but is timid and tends to freeze if approached by other dogs but he will happily just ignore them in the street.

Denise said the “loveable” boy walks well on the lead, “does not pull” and will happily stop and sit down if walkers need a rest or stop for a chat.

She added: “He is looking for someone who can brush him regularly to reduce shedding and keep his luxurious fur in tip top condition.”

Alfie, who is chipped and even has his own passport, does not like loud noises – so would require a “peaceful home” with no young children.

Denise and her team are hoping to “bring some happiness back” into Alfie’s life and get him barking, with his “bushy” tail wagging again.

Anyone interested in taking on Alfie can complete a form at

Alfie responds really well to biscuit treats according to the team at Doggy Dens UK rescue, but he prefers tinned food with jelly over other types.

Adoption home checks will apply and it is suggested that a retired, or middle-aged couple may be best suited to Alfie’s breed and needs.