The North Staffordshire restaurant serving £8 oatcakes with sticky beef, cheddar and chilli

A new North Staffordshire restaurant has put its own twist on the classic oatcake. Stock by Feasted, which opened its doors on the High Street in Newcastle-under-Lyme in March, is taking an innovative approach to traditional flavours.

And this is no more evident than with its elevation of a local favourite. The town's latest dining offering, owned by chef Cris Cohen, is serving up the £8 'Oatcake Taco' - which has been transformed with sticky beef, cheddar and fermented chilli.

Elsewhere, the new venue is also dishing up a unique blend of broths inspired by the Staffordshire lobby, ramens and small plates, drawing on inspiration from local heritage. Taking cues from Feasted’s fine dining offering, Chef’s Table, Stock offers a more accessible yet equally as delicious experience, perfect for the high street ambiance and more casual dining.

Cris emphasises the importance of incorporating local nods, saying: "At Stock, we believe in celebrating our local heritage by infusing it into our dishes. It’s not just about serving food, it’s about telling a story and homage.”

Passionate about a full dining experience, the team has developed their cocktail offerings in time for summer sun and al fresco dining. Overlooking the newly revitalised herb garden - a collaboration between Stock, Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council, BID and students from NSCG Colleges Group - guests can soon sip on expertly crafted cocktails amidst fragrant foliage.

"Stock has a prime position at the gateway of the town of Newcastle-under-Lyme, and we are fortunate to have taken over the herb garden located at the front of our premises," says Cris.

"In a joint effort we have cleaned, maintained, and planted new herbs and foliage to bring this space back to life. It’s a community effort that we can all be proud of, increasing its appeal and making it accessible to all."

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