All the North Staffordshire roadworks to watch out for this week

Temporary traffic lights have sprung up on key routes around North Staffordshire. One of those is the regularly dug up Leek New Road, through Stockton Brook - which has sparked rush-hour delays.

But the A53 isn't the only busy stretch to have temporary traffic lights with works going on in Fenton, Bucknall, Chesterton, Stone, Cobridge, Bradwell, and Cheadle - to name a few. In an effort to keep you moving this week we have taken a look at the various works ongoing around North Staffordshire.

The list isn't extensive and so let us know in the comments if there are any works causing issues in your neighbourhood.

Here are some of the roadworks around North Staffordshire you need to know about:

  • Telecommunications works on A53 near to Bunts Lane and the Sportsman pub in Stockton Brook will last until June 12 at the latest;

  • Eaves Lane in Bucknall is shut for resurfacing until June 20;

  • Temporary lights on Dividy Road until 5pm this evening (June 11) for 'bus stop improvements';

  • Telecommunications works on King Street in Fenton until June 12;

  • Electricity works on London Road in Chesterton until June 14;

  • Newcastle Street in Middleport remains shut following April's building fire;

  • Sneyd Street at the junction of Elder Road in Cobridge shut until June 13 for gas works;

  • Roughcote Lane in Caverswall shut off to traffic for water works until June 13;

  • One lane shut off on Leek Road at the turning for Stoke Station for the major transport scheme;

  • Temporary lights on Werrington Road in Bucknall where electricity works are taking place until June 12;

  • Cleveland Road in Hanley shut off until June 13 for gas works;

  • Gas works on Riceyman Road in Bradwell on June 20;

  • Highways works on Tape Street in Cheadle until June 16;

  • Waterworks on Windmill Hill in Meir Heath until June 13;

  • Waterworks on Crown Street in Silverdale until this evening (June 11)

  • Temporary lights on Kidsgrove's Cedar Avenue where highways works are taking place;

  • Temporary lights on Longton Road in Stone near to Old Road until June 17.

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