Northern Lights could be back again TOMORROW and Met Office says '90 per cent chance'

The Northern Lights could be back AGAIN tomorrow as the Met Office issues a "90 per cent" chance alert after a disappointing weekend. Images show an enhancement to the aurora across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland on Monday night at 9pm.

The Met Office said: "No significant space weather activity is expected on Sunday night into Monday (19-20 May), with aurora sightings unlikely. An enhancement to the aurora may occur on Monday night (20-21 May) following the possible arrival of a coronal mass ejection (CME) that left the sun late Friday 17 May.

"Following any CME arrival aurora may become visible, where skies are clear, across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland, with a slight chance that views of the aurora may also be possible from northern England and North Wales.

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"Following this auroral activity is expected to decline, although confidence is lower than usual however and some slight enhancement to the aurora at times can't be ruled out." Met Office space weather expert Krista Hammond said: "The sunspot region will be be coming back round onto the Earth facing side of the sun."

Ms Hammond continued: "We're currently at solar maximum and we're seeing more sunspots." Ms Hammond was speaking out after the aurora was seen last weekend across the country, with Brits seeing the phenomenon in the skies above them on Friday and Saturday, May 10 and May 11.

She said: "If we see more sunspots, we see this increased frequency in space weather and therefore the aurora." She went on: "It was such a unique set of circumstances that happened last weekend.

"The chances of the same sunspots doing the same thing again - It's probably quite slim. I wouldn't be surprised if it comes around and there's some activity on it, but it won't be I doubt, a repeat performance."