Northern Lights Dance Across Irish Sky in Gorgeous Timelapse

The aurora borealis put on a brilliant display for night-sky watchers in Donegal, Ireland, on September 17 as green light danced along the horizon.

Noel Keating, who’s been practicing astrophotography for over a decade, captured the phenomenon on camera. He regularly posts videos and photos of the night sky to his Facebook page, Noel Keating Photography.

On September 17, Keating saw that there was a possibility the northern lights might be visible, so he invited his sister and one of her sons to keep watch with him.

Keating said, “I didn’t think we were gonna have much chance of seeing the aurora, as it’s very touch-and-go in Ireland. Upon arrival we were greeted to a spectacular green glow along the northern horizon. My sister couldn’t believe she was seeing the aurora. She stated that she never knew you could see it here in Ireland.” Credit: Noel Keating via Storyful

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