Police dog sniffs out £13,000 of stolen cash hidden in bushes and drainpipes by armed robbers

Joe Gamp
·Contributor, Yahoo News UK
Labrador police sniffer dog in police harness with tongue out - UK
A hero police dog tracked down a large quantity of money hidden by armed robbers (GETTY)

A “unique” police dog sniffed out £13,000 of stolen cash hidden by armed robbers in bushes and drainpipes.

On Friday, Northumbria Police posted a short film detailing how hero police hound Colin cracked a major case due to his highly sensitive sense of smell.

In the video, Colin’s police handler, PC Will Driver, tells how the hound found stashed money from an armed robbery in gardens and drainpipes.

PC Driver says: “There’s not many dogs with a nose like Colin

“Colin and I were called to an Armed Robbery where a large quantity of cash was stolen.

After running away from the scene, thieves attempted to hide the stolen cash in nearby gardens and gutterings.

“It was Colin’s job to try and recover the evidence.”

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The officer described the dog as “good at his job”.

He continued: “Colin is a very special dog, he certainly has a very unique character.

“He works very hard. He doesn’t know how good he is at his job, it’s just something that he loves to do.


“I’m very lucky to work with him and do the job that we do.”

Northumbria Police tweeted: “After an armed robbery where over £20K was stolen, PD Colin used his pawlice know-how to sniff out more than £13K, which had been hidden away in nearby bushes and drainpipes.”

The video was posted as part of the force’s campaign for the National Police Dog of The Year awards.


In July, new laws to protect police dogs and horses from violence came into force.

The Animal Welfare (Service Animals) Act - named as Finn’s Law after a hero police dog - prevent those who attack or injure service animals working in the line of duty from claiming self-defence.