Norton unveils security software for iPhone as hacker fears rise

Two-thirds of phone users worldwide now use a phone to access the internet - and the data stored on phones is a major security concern. (Image: Fotolia)

Norton has unveiled its first security software for iPhone as fears over smartphone security rise.

Norton by Symantec already made software for Android phones, but it now offers an iPhone and iPad version built to protect private data from cyber-criminals.

Two-thirds of phone users worldwide now use a phone to access the internet - and the data stored on phones is a major security concern. 

One in three mobile users in the UK have had a mobile stolen - and 44% don't use a password.

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Of those who do, one in nine use '1234' - handing cyber criminals access to email accounts that can yield addresses, bank details and even passwords for social networks.

Shockingly, 38% of GB adults keep key personal data such as online banking details (4%) and social media passwords (18%) on their device, and 44% of all smart device users don’t even have a password to protect it, according to a survey by KnowtheNet.

The new 'Mobile Security' software from Norton by Symantec includes functions to save and backup contacts from Android or iOS devices including iPads.

The software also allows users to 'lock' and control the security of their devices from anywhere via the web.

A 'Remote Locate' function pinpoints a lost or stolen device on a map, and a 'Scream' alarm allows users to find lost devices.
Criminals have begun to target smartphones as an easier way to extract the passwords, identity details and bank details they need for identity theft.

Fake apps are also rife on marketplaces such as Google's Play Store.

'Clones' of popular apps such as Angry Birds Space instead infect your phone with malicious software.

The only defence is to be wary about downloading apps - particularly free ones - from the store.

Some simply serve you annoying adverts. Others, though are far more sinister - adding huge amounts to your bill by dialing foreign numbers or using premium SMS services.

'Your smartphone is s sophisticated if not more than your PC,' says Norton's Director of Security Response, Kevin Haley, 'It has all the same information, it’s got your work information and your personal information.'

'It even has financial transactions on it. Why wouldn't the bad guys target it?'

'I once wrote a blog about Facebook - Facebook is the most popular network, so hackers target it with malware. Mean girls always pick on the most popular kid in school. Cybercriminals are the same.'

'What’s happening today, it’s very simple to take an Android app, decompile it, then insert malware that can steal information, rack up huge bills and even spam others with infected links.'

Norton Mobile Security is £29.99 and is available for purchase via various retailers, the Norton online store or Google Play. 

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