Norway Firefighters Release Music Video to Raise Awareness of Cancer Risks

A Norwegian fire service released a song and music video on October 28 aiming to raise awareness of the increased risk of cancer that firefighters face due to exposure to hazardous substances.

Fire Constable Lene Nyberg told Storyful the song, titled “Ta Ansver” (“Take Responsibility”), and the accompanying music video were produced by southwest Norway’s Rogaland Fire and Rescue IKS with help from local artist and musician Tore Pang.

“Everyone involved in the music video is either a firefighter or sweeper employed by Rogaland Fire and Rescue IKS (RBR),” said Nyberg, who added that the song was performed by two firefighters and two sweepers.

The video, which includes pyrotechnics and various dance routines, was part of a year-long internal campaign to encourage firefighters, fire marshals, and fire wardens to safeguard their own health and that of their colleagues by reducing exposure to hazardous substances, Nyberg said.

In its post on Facebook, the fire service wrote: “Take responsibility for your own and your colleagues’ health. Wear protective equipment and focus on cleaning equipment after use.” Credit: Rogaland Fire & Rescue IKS via Storyful

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