Norweigan daredevil completes 4,500m downhill mountain bike course riding BACKWARDS

Winding your way down a wet mountain road on a bike is scary enough for most of us - but Eskil Ronningsbakken wanted an extra thrill.

Not content with navigating the twisting turns in wet weather, the thrill-seeking biker completed the downhill ride backwards.

Eskil steered, turned and veered past cars all while facing the wrong direction during his adrenaline-fuelled ride in Trollstigen, Norway.

The sports enthusiast and athlete navigates the sharp twists in the 4,500m road all the way to the bottom without falling from his bike.

He describes the winding road down Trollstigen as 'one of the most interesting mountain roads you will find. There are a lot of curves going all the way down.'

At times there is a 10 per cent steep descent in the Trollstigen road, meaning Eskil has to ride backwards extremely carefully.

Eskil is no stranger to daring feats - he also does balancing tricks from daring heights, including handstands, and walks on wires.

On his Facebook page, Norweigan daredevil Eskil describes himself as an 'extreme artist'.

He said: 'I've often ridden my bikes backwards since early childhood. This was a test for a bigger performance planned in China next year.'

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