'It's not acceptable' - parents fume after 'dangerous' cycle path plonked in middle of kids' playground

-Credit: (Image: Manchester Evening News)
-Credit: (Image: Manchester Evening News)

A new cycle path which cuts through a children's playground in Stockport has been blasted by locals amid claims the council failed to inform them of the development.

One neighbour raised concerns over the construction of the cycle lane, which appears to be situated next to play equipment which is used by children aged between two and 10.

Barriers which indicate where the cycle path would sit come close to the swings and would force children to cross the path of oncoming cyclists to play on all pieces of equipment.

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Residents have said they weren't informed of the construction of the path -Credit:Manchester Evening News
Residents have said they weren't informed of the construction of the path -Credit:Manchester Evening News

One concerned local, who lives near the playground, which is at the rear of Tannock Road in Hazel Grove, said: "There's a fence next to the playground and they could have put it there but they think it's acceptable to put it through the play equipment. It's not acceptable.

"All the children who live in the houses on the right hand side of the playground would have to cross the cycle path to get to the swings and the little slide. It will be dangerous for the small children who play there."

A young mum who was walking home past the playground and allowed her daughter to play there echoed similar concerns.

She said: "It does worry me a bit. I let my little girl come and play out here because I know she's close by rather than going to the park up the road.

"But this path could cause a kid to get hurt, if they get knocked over by a bike they don't notice when they're playing."

One resident who contacted the M.E.N claimed they were 'not given notice' of the construction of the cycle path by Stockport council and claim if they were they would have objected to the proposal.

He claims: "We were given no notice that the cycle path would be put in place. When I spoke to those putting the path in place they said they were just doing what we were told. My local councillor was also unaware the cycle path was being put in place."

The resident claims people who live near the playground were informed of work being done in a letter from the council - but the cycle path in the park was not included. Instead it spoke of work being done on Dunvegan Road and on a local ginnel down the back of a surrounding road.

The path runs directly in the middle of the area where children play -Credit:Manchester Evening News
The path runs directly in the middle of the area where children play -Credit:Manchester Evening News

Jack, a university student, who lives in the area around the play equipment claims he also wasn't aware of the cycle path being put in and did not 'understand the need' for it.

The 20 year old said: "I had no idea that they were putting it here, I don't really understand the need for a bike path because there's a little path on the edge of the grass that people use. Hopefully, no one hits one of the kids who come on here to play."

He added: "The path could be constructed to one side but the path is going right down the middle and electric bikes could easily hurt a child. The space is used by very young children of 2 to 10 years who will no longer be able to access the play equipment without crossing the proposed route.

"None of the residents have been shown the route or consulted or we would have objected."

Councillor Grace Baynham, Cabinet Member for Parks, Highways and Transport Services at Stockport Council, said: “The new infrastructure is part of our ongoing commitment to improve our walking and cycling links around the borough

“The path is similar to many cycle routes through parks within Stockport, including Torkington Park nearby, and these operate in a safe manner. The park will remain open and accessible to all while the works take place.”